The non-alcoholic Barguide for Südtirol

Over the past years, the mindful drinking scene has evolved at an incredible pace. South-Tyrol as one of Europe’s most wellknown hubs for high-quality culinary experiences is at the heart of this development.

Therefore, we decided to put the places that drive this new mindset of decoupling enjoyment and alcohol on the map. Because driving this movement is not only accomplished by producing alcohol alternatives, but also by creating a setting that allows to experience the new drinking culture.

So, we hope you enjoy this curated list of locations that stunned us with the creativity and passion with which they create special, alcohol-free moments.

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"we are here to enable you to drink like there is a tomorrow"

With Freedl, we created something that does not limit the cheering but enables more moments through decoupling enjoyment and alcohol. Sustainable for your body and mind.

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