award-winning beer

The International Craft Beer Award by Meininger named our FREEDL Calma "The Freestyle Beer of the Year" and awarded it with Platin - the category’s highest award! We are beyond happy and grateful that our alcohol-free beer outperformed also alcoholic beers in its category. A big milestone in creating the future of our drinking culture.

calma ti & drink platin

For us, going the unconventional way to create innovative and outstanding products (while trusting in and relying on our South-Tyrolian ingredients) was proven right! Let’s keep brewing and drinking towards our mission to impact the drinking culture of tomorrow in a healthy and delicious way! 

alpine basil

For our Calma we use high-quality alpine basil, which grows above 1500 m of altitude. Did you know that basil has a relaxing benefit? Read more about the functionalities and benefits of basil.

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