Our goal is to create high-quality products, which are a true alternative when not drinking. We want you to not accept any compromises when drinking an alcohol free alternatives! Dedicated to this goal, we invite you to co-create the future of alcohol alternatives together. Through beer tastings & feedback sessions, open discussions, or creative brainstorming, we are developing the products you are dreaming of! Have an idea or a new ingredient in mind? We would love to get creative with you

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Beer Tasting

beer tasting!

Creating the best products takes its time, a lot of patience and many iterations. To make it more fun and entertaining along the way, we’d love to taste some beer together with you. We value product feedback and want to include it as early in the process as possible. This makes us more efficient in creating products you love and in return, you get a first glimpse of new products before they enter the market! Keen on joining the next round and ready for your free beer?

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Our co-creation space in the Italian Alps is making our mission to co-create our beer tangible. An open space for you to stay, while you explore the alps or enjoy the South-Tyrolian culture. Its open for any creative mind with an atypical perspective and a love for beer. In return you share with us your perspective on Freedl in the format you prefer: this can be a photo series, illustrations, collages, social content or texting work. In short: you get a free vacation in Italy and we are getting a new perspective on nonalcoholic beer!

"Our one week stay in Lana was amazing, we had a lot of time to explore South-Tyrol, have met nice people… We came to places we have never been before due to the lovely invitation ... We would definitely come again and are really thankful for this experience" (Anna & Patrick, stayed with us in 2021)


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"I grew up in South-Tyrol, where we live at the cultural intersection of alpine traditions and a Mediterranean lifestyle. For me, both cultures circle around the value of shared memories and high-quality products, especially when it comes to food and drinks. I guess that’s why I love to go on adventures especially for the beer with friends afterwards and love to cheer to a completed workday with an Aperitivo. With Freedl, we created something that does not limit the cheering but enables more moments through decoupling enjoyment and alcohol. Sustainable for your body and mind. With our craft beers we create a true alcohol alternative: A product with a complex flavor profile through its natural & healthy ingredients. "

Maria-Elisabeth Laimer, Creator of FREEDL

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