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Beer box - 12 bottles

FREEDL Calma Box [10+2]

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12 Bottles

Imagine its 7 pm, you had a busy day and you just want to click reset: do it with Calma! The first sip can feel like an aroma explosion in your mouth full of Mediterranean associations, triggered by the alpine basil.  Make yourself ready to taste something unusual but extremely harmonious.


Basil helps to beat stress and recharge your energy!

Basil is one of the oldest herbs known by humans and is nowadays widely used in the kitchen. But the superfood has many more functionalities and can boost your mind and your body in different ways. For example, it can help to combat stress, to relax and to provide you with energy. On top of that, it’s also anti-inflammatory and can protect your stomach, liver, and gut. In short: Basil is the superfood from next door.

beer nerds

Brewed as a Pale Ale with Alpine Water, Malt and different hops types & as a special ingredient: Mountain Basil from the Italian alps, the stelvio national park! Carefully handpicked by a local herbal farm on 1500 altitude in South-Tyrol!

food pairing

One rule will lead you to the perfect food pairings: Serve Freedl Calma with every dish you would add basil. This means, it in absolute harmony with especially pizza or pasta.


Each box includes 12 bottles. Standard shipping costs 4,90 € per delivery.

bottle deposit

In Germany we have to add 0,25 € bottle deposit per bottle. This means to every box must add 3 €. You get your deposit back if you return the bottles to a deposit machine that takes back disposable glass. This is the case if the shop or supermarket also sells disposable glasses and therefore also has to take them back.


With the name "Calma" wanted to emphasize the power of basil, bringing calmness, and including the original occasion of enjoying a beer.

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