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Beer box - 12 bottles

FREEDL Classic Box [10+2]

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12 Bottles

It´s the easy choice. Stick to the classic, and you can’t ever go wrong. As the citrus aroma of the beer brings a certain lightness, some may say it’s refreshing, and we are not arguing against it. Cheers!

beer nerds

Brewed as a Pale Ale with Alpine Water, Malt and different hops types!

food pairing

It’s a beer that adapts to its surrounding. Pair it with nothing and enjoy the refreshment. Pair it with a light lunch, which our Freedl Classic will accompany perfectly. Or enjoy it as an Aperitivo to start your evening right.


Each box includes 12 bottles. Standard shipping costs 4,90 € per delivery.

bottle deposit

In Germany we have to add 0,25 € bottle deposit per bottle. This means to every box must add 3 €. You get your deposit back if you return the bottles to a deposit machine that takes back disposable glass. This is the case if the shop or supermarket also sells disposable glasses and therefore also has to take them back.