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we doubled the health benefits

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Beer box - 12 bottles

FREEDL Gluten Free *limited drop*

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Officially gluten free certified

FREEDL2 - a gluten-free and alcohol-free beer? Yes! A beer for everybody who wants to reduce gluten or suffers from celiac disease. You do not have to miss out of the FREEDL experience anymore, thanks to this limited drop. 


Each box includes 12 bottles. Standard shipping costs 4,90 € per delivery.

bottle deposit

In Germany we have to add 0,25 € bottle deposit per bottle. This means to every box must add 3 €. You get your deposit back if you return the bottles to a deposit machine that takes back disposable glass. This is the case if the shop or supermarket also sells disposable glasses and therefore also has to take them back.


We created this special edition for everybody who missed out of the unique FREEDL experience due to health issues. A FREEDL where we doubled the health benefits! Enjoy!