Meet Freedl, the nonalcoholic Craft Beer from the Italian Alps! We are dedicated to brew the best handcrafted alcohol free Beer out there. Together with your help, we want to create products for a drinking culture of tomorrow. 

Alpine Cocktailbox

Together with Kohl we created the perfect gift for your loved ones and collegaues. With this collaboration, we want to show how we interpret enjoyment without alcohol: Focusing on product quality and leaving classic categories behind.

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We are delighted to have created a non-alcoholic beer that convinces beer experts all over the world: Our beer outscored both non-alcoholic and alcoholic craft beers in international beer competitions.

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rethinking drinking

We have set ourselves the goal to shape the drinking culture of tomorrow in a sustainable way. We are convinced that we must not only imitate traditional alcoholic products, but rethink the entire category from scratch. To this end, we use all our energy and knowledge to create complex and enjoyable alternatives for and together with you. 

about us
  • Dolce Vita

    The belief that quality overrides quantity is deeply rooted in our Italian and Alpine heritage. With our high quality beers, we make enable you to celebrate moments in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

  • Nerds

    Over the last years we optimized our brewing process and got creative with our recipes to create uniquely tasting alcohol-free beers. Our award-winning products convince beer- and aperitif-lovers all over the world.

  • Dolomites

    in the Alps!

    Our beers contain the purest water from the South-Tyrolian alps, which is a key component when it comes to carry the taste of our natural raw materials.

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Building and brewing a nonalcoholic craft beer in this fast changing environment is challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you want to know more about what is going on backstage or what we are planning in the near future join our friends & family list. Subscribe to our newsletter and get our personal update twice a month.

Not only a fancy brand

We handcraft our beers in our small family-owned craft brewery in the middle of the Italian Alps - in Lana. From the empty bottle on the pallet to the finished product in the box, we hold each bottle around 6 times in our hands: we take handcrafting seriously. 

Our Brewery