Meet Freedl, your nonalcoholic Beer from the Alps celebrating its Italian heritage! We are dedicated to brew the best alcohol free Craft Beer together with you. So we can enjoy a healthy beer, while enjoying life.

the freestyle beer of the year

"It tastes like Italy in a bottle!"

Freedl Classic


Just a really good alcohol-free beer

Freedl Classic: A refreshing beer for any moment. This beer makes a normal day special and enables you to celebrate also the smallest achievement. Treat yourself in a tasty and healthy way…

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A vacation for your mind

Freedl Calma: The best beer to beat stress! Reset the tone for your afterwork and enjoy the moment. Take a breath, than a sip and the basil brings you back to your holidays in Italy. It’s a beer, which is in perfect harmony with any pasta or pizza…

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  • Dolce Vita

    Our Italian heritage taught us how some moments are better with a drink in your hand. With our beers we want to enable you to celebrate any moment in a good & sustainable way.

  • Nerds

    Together with German beer specialists and our FREEDL Famiglia we optimized our brewing process to create a uniquely tasting alcohol-free beer.

  • Dolomites

    in the Alps!

    Our beers contain the purest water from the South-Tyrolian alps, which is a key component when it comes to carry the taste of our natural raw materials.

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